By Leslie Hanft, Certified Holistic Health Coach


“Leslie was able to help me work toward my goals by offering genuine, meaningful support and encouragement all along the way.  At each session, Leslie helped me set realistic goals – and always followed-up with me to see if I’d been able to achieve them, and to offer great suggestions when I needed help.  The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been my commitment to living a balanced life and managing stress.  My ability to make choices to successfully decrease stress and create a life that is so much more aligned with my own beliefs and feelings has been my greatest achievement.  I would recommend Leslie to anyone who wants to make healthy changes in their life, whether big or small.  She has knowledge, experience, and heart to guide you to where you want to be – and to help you discover your strengths and passions.  She is a wealth of information when it comes to eating for health, creating balance, preparing delicious and nutritious meals for individuals and families, and being a healthy woman – and mom.”  Katie H.