By Leslie Hanft, Certified Holistic Health Coach

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Creamy Tomato Soup {Vegan & Gluten Free}


In my never ending quest to get my son to eat healthier food, I watch closely to see what he chooses to eat when we are out and then try to create the healthiest version of the same food back at home.  This is not particularly easy because my son is not very diverse inRead more

Cheesy (Veggie) Sauce {Gluten Free with a Vegan Option}


Cheese is my son’s favorite food.  And while I don’t think cheese is bad, in fact organic raw milk cheese from grass-fed cows is actually very good for you, I think it is best to eat a variety of foods and lots and lots of veggies.  So I was becoming a bit concerned when myRead more

Winter Quinoa Salad {Gluten Free}


This winter certainly has been exceptionally cold.  So the idea of eating a salad might not sound too tempting at first glance.  But wait, a salad can be warm and comforting, while also containing nutrient packed green vegetables, and not leave you with a chill.  I first made a variation of this recipe for aRead more