By Leslie Hanft, Certified Holistic Health Coach

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Pizza Quinoa {Gluten Free}


Like many others, my family and I just got back from spring break.  It was our last ski trip of the season (we are HUGE skiers in this family), and as we spent time hanging out in our condo after a day of hitting the slopes, sharing a meal with family and friends, it got meRead more

Salad in a Jar


Shortly after I shared my post, Overnight Oatmeal and Granola Parfait, a good friend asked me when was I going to do a post on how to make a salad in a jar.  After all, I had clearly embraced the whole concept of preparing food in a mason jar so it seemed like the logicalRead more

Overnight Oatmeal and Granola Parfait {Vegan}


I just came back from a very fun and relaxing vacation.  And while it is never easy to readjust to the daily routine after being away, for some reason this time it has been more difficult for me than usual.  Maybe it is because after a long, and somewhat dreary winter here in New YorkRead more